Friday, March 1, 2013

Check out how our KIPPsters are doing...

Adrian -  Fully funded! 
Adriana - Fully funded!
Aislinn - Fully funded! 
Alex - Fully funded! 
Alicia - Fully funded!
Andrea - Fully funnded!
Angel C. - Fully funded! 
Angel - Fully funded! 
Anthony -  Fully funded! 
Bernardo - Fully funded! 
Brandon -  Fully funded! 
Carlos -  Fully funded! 
Carlos M. -  Fully funded! 
Cristal - Fully funded!
Cynthia - Fully funded!
Daniel -  Fully funded! 
Daniela - Fully funded! 
Daniela H. - Fully funded!
Daniella - Fully funded! (check, not online)
Danthe -  Fully funded! 
David - Fully funded! 
Deidra - Fully funded!
Destiny - Fully funded! 
Dyshod - Fully funded! 
Eduardo - Fully funded! 
Elba - Fully funded! 
Emely - Fully funded! 
Eric -  Fully funded! 
Fatima - Fully funded!
Felicia  - Fully funded! 
Flory - Fully funded! 
Frida - Fully funded! 
Genesis - Fully funded! 
Gerson - Fully funded! 
Gustavo - Fully funded! 
Iona - Fully funded!
Irving - Fully funded! (check, not online)
Isabel - Fully funded! 
Isaias - Fully funded! 
Israel -  Fully funded!
Jacky - Fully funded!
Jailinne - Fully funded! 
Jasmine - Fully funded! (check, not online)
Jason - Fully funded! 
Jazmine - Fully funded! (check, not online)
Jefferson - Fully funded!
Jennifer - Fully funded! 
Jennifer R. - Fully funded! 
Jeremy - Fully funded! (check, not online)
Jesus - Fully funded!
Jeyna - Fully funded! (check, not online)
Joselyn -  Fully funded! 
Jocelyn H. - Fully funded! 
John - Fully funded!
Jordy - Fully funded! 
Jose - Fully funded! 
Jose G. - Fully funded! (check, not online)
Juana - Fully funded! 
Justice - Fully funded! 
Kalkidan - Fully funded!
Karla - Fully funded!
Katherine - Fully funded! 
Katherine Q. - Fully funded! (check, not online)
Kelsey - Fully funded! 
Kevin - Fully funded! 
Lina - Fully funded! 
Linda - Fully funded!  
Lindsey - Fully funded! 
Maranda - Fully funded! 
Marcos - Fully funded!
Maresa - Fully funded! 
Mariah - Fully funded! 
Mary - Fully funded!
Maynor - Fully funded! 
Michael - Fully funded!
Michael B. - Fully funded! 
Nelson - Fully funded! 
Nicole - Fully funded! 
Obiefuna - Fully funded! 
Obinna - Fully funded! 
Odalys - Fully funded!
Oluwaseun - Fully funded!
Pedro - Fully funded! 
Pedro N. - Fully funded! 
Perla - Fully funded! 
Priscilla - Fully funded!
Rafael - Fully funded! 
Richard - Fully funded! 
Roberto - Fully funded! 
Ryan - Fully funded!
Sadie - Fully funded!
Samuel - Fully funded!
Saul - Fully funded! 
Sharon - Fully funded! 
Sheyla - Fully funded!
Stephanie - Fully funded!
Tania - Fully funded! 
Veronica - Fully funded!
Victor - Fully funded!
Vy - Fully funded!
William - Fully funded!
Yaremi - Fully funded! 
Yaritssa - Fully funded! 
Yodit - Fully funded! 

Also, thanks to the generosity of folks from Rice and elsewhere who served as "Sherpas" for the following students!

Adrian -  Fully funded! Thanks, Eric, for getting Adrian to his goal and beyond!
Adriana - Fully funded! Thanks, Jianlei, for getting Adriana to her goal and beyond!
Aislinn - Fully funded! Thanks, Meredith, for getting Aislinn to her goal! 
Alicia - Fully funded! Thanks, Matt H., for getting Alicia to her goal!
Andrea - Fully funded! Thanks, Matt, for getting Andrea to her goal!
Angel C. - Fully funded! Thanks, Renato, for getting Angel C. to his goal!
Angel - Fully funded! Thanks, Weekenders, for getting Angel to her goal!
Anthony -  Fully funded! Thanks, David, for getting Anthony to his goal and beyond!
Bernardo - Fully funded! Thanks, Samia, for getting Bernardo to his goal!
Brandon -  Fully funded! Thanks, Todd, for getting Brandon to his goal!
Carlos -  Fully funded! Thanks, Zach, for getting Carlos to his goal and beyond! 
Carlos M. -  Fully funded! Thanks, Toby, for getting Carlos M. to $100!
Daniel -  Fully funded! Thanks, Lawrence, for getting Daniel to his goal!
Daniela - Fully funded! Thanks, Alma and Francisco, for getting Daniela to her goal!
Danthe -  Fully funded! Thanks, Laura, for getting Danthe to his goal and beyond!
Destiny - Fully funded! Thanks, Jessica, for getting Destiny to her goal!
Dyshod - Fully funded! Thanks, Mimi, for getting Dyshod to his goal!
Eduardo - Fully funded! Thanks, Cindy, for getting Eduardo to his goal and beyond!
Elba - Fully funded! Thanks, Nikki, for getting Elba to her goal!
Emely - Fully funded! Thanks, Kevin, for getting Emely to her goal! 
Eric -  Fully funded! Thanks, Will for getting Eric to his goal!
Felicia  - Fully funded! Thanks, Baraynia, for getting Felicia to her goal!
Flory - Fully funded! Thanks, Marcelo, for getting Flory to her goal!
Frida - Fully funded! Thanks, Beth, for getting Frida to her goal!
Gustavo - Fully funded! Thanks, Yi, for getting Gustavo to his goal!
Isabel - Fully funded! Thanks, Brooklyn, for getting Isabel to her goal!
Isaias - Fully funded! Thanks, Emily, for getting Isaias to his goal and beyond!
Israel -  Fully funded! Thanks, Dane, for getting Israel to his goal and beyond!
Jacky - Fully funded! Thanks, Cal, for getting Jacky to her goal!
Jason - Fully funded! Thanks, Brooklyn, for getting Jason to his goal!
Jennifer - Fully funded! Thanks, Andres, for getting Jennifer to her goal!
Jennifer R. - Fully funded! Thanks, Jillian, for getting Jennifer to her goal!
Joselyn -  Fully funded! Thanks, Jose, for getting Joselyn to her goal!
Jocelyn H. - Fully funded! Thanks, Sarah, for getting Jocelyn to her goal!
Jordy - Fully funded! Thanks, Ron and Jan, for getting Jordy to his goal!
Jose - Fully funded! Thanks, Eduardo, for getting Jose to his goal!
Juana - Fully funded! Thanks, Gabriela, for getting Juana to her goal and beyond!
Justice - Fully funded! Thanks, Eric, for getting Justice to his goal!
Katherine - Fully funded! Thanks, Donald, for getting Katherine to her goal!
Kelsey - Fully funded! Thanks, Kellie, for getting Kelsey to her goal and beyond!
Kevin - Fully funded! Thanks, Brooklyn, for getting Kevin to his goal!
Lina - Fully funded! Thanks, Andrew, for getting Lina to her goal and beyond!
Linda - Fully funded!  Thanks, David, for getting Linda to her goal!
Lindsey - Fully funded! Thanks, Claire for getting Lindsey to her goal!
Maranda - Fully funded! Thanks, Malina, for getting Maranda to her goal!
Maresa - Fully funded! Thanks, Jennifer, for getting Maresa to her goal and beyond!
Mariah - Fully funded! Thanks, Alicia, for getting Mariah to her goal and beyond!
Maynor - Fully funded! Thanks, Ryan, for getting Maynor to his goal!
Michael B. - Fully funded! Thanks, Zack, for getting Michael to his goal and beyond!
Nelson - Fully funded! Thanks, Andres and John, for getting Nelson to his goal and beyond!
Nicole - Fully funded! Thanks, Claire, for getting Nicole to her goal and beyond! :)
Obiefuna - Fully funded! Thanks, Katie, for getting Obiefuna to his goal and beyond! 
Obinna - Fully funded! Thanks, Scott, for getting Obinna to his goal and beyond!
Pedro - Fully funded! Thanks, Heather, for getting Pedro to his goal and beyond!
Pedro N. - Fully funded! Thanks, Laurel, for getting Pedro to his goal! 
Perla - Fully funded! Thanks, Matt T., for getting Perla to her goal!
Rafael - Fully funded! Thanks, Victoria, for getting Rafael to his goal!
Richard - Fully funded! Thanks, Matt, for getting Richard to his goal!
Roberto - Fully funded! Thanks, Clif, for getting Roberto to his goal!
Saul - Fully funded! Thanks, Greg, for getting Saul to his goal and beyond!
Sharon - Fully funded! Thanks, Mimi, for getting Sharon to her goal!
Tania - Fully funded! Thanks, Brandon, for getting Tania to her goal!
Yaremi - Fully funded! Thanks, Weekenders, for getting Yaremi to her goal!
Yaritssa - Fully funded! Thanks, Samantha, for getting Yaritssa to her goal!

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